No better endurance race in Madison

The Ironman makes one exhausted just thinking about what that means. Swimming 2.4 miles, hopping on a bike, peddling 112 miles, then running a nice relaxing marathon, 26.2 miles. For some people this is actually an indescribable high for them. They train so hard every day in between races, and are almost giggly when the race nears.

For those who have participated in the Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin, you know what a wonderful little gem this place is. You also know the course and how scenic it can be. However, if you’ve not made it to this race, you will be pleasantly surprised by what a great location Madison is.

When you begin, the swim is a loop in Lake Monona. The shoreline is very pretty, and the water itself stays fairly cool, just a warning for your muscles. Not that you will be paying to much attention to your surroundings, but you’ll be swimming directly in front of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Monona Terrace. A fantastic panoramic view of the lake can be observed from there.

When you hop on your bike you will ride about 16 miles out of town and complete the Verona loop, twice. Again, if you’ve done this before you know that when you whiz through downtown Verona, spectators line the street to cheer you on. They have a festival of sorts in honor of the Ironman. It gives you a little boost when you whip into town around 10:00a.m. to be greeted with cowbells, whistles and cheers from supportive fans of the sport.

Upon your departure from Verona, you get to run your marathon on a scenic path alongside Lake Mendota. So when you hit the wall, somewhere around mile marker 20, it will at least have a scenic view. You will run past the beautiful University of Wisconsin campus, Camp Randall Stadium and through one of the most beautiful downtown areas in the Midwest.
When the day is done and you’ve completed one of the toughest endurance races of your life, you can lay your head on a pillow in some hotel in Madison, Wisconsin and know you’ve accomplished a feat few even dare to contemplate and even fewer attempt. Perhaps you didn’t quite finish where you wanted to, or maybe not at all, rest tonight knowing you gave it your all and tomorrow you begin training for the your next race.

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