The House on the Rock

Just a short drive from Madison Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its amazing scenery and warm hospitality. There is something for everyone while visiting this beautiful state in the heartland. But, Wisconsin tourism has a secret that few know about in the outside world, and one that will literally blow your mind. The House on the Rock is a local treasure with a storied past, and a place you will never forget. It’s not something to see, it’s something you have to experience.

If you have never heard of The House on the Rock, it’s a magical place that can only be described as a cross between Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Willy Wonka. This eccentric “home” is located just outside Spring Green, WI (just 58 minutes west of Sleep Inn & Suites) and was the vision of Alex Jordan, an entrepreneur who just might have been the most ingenious man of his time.

Its origin began in the 1940’s as a Japanese-style structure that was built sitting on the edge of a cliff. There are many stories about how it came into existence but the most famous is that it began as the result of an argument between Jordan and Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect. Mr. Jordan presented the idea for the house to Mr. Wright, to which he just laughed and told him he would never be an architect. Jordan decided he would get back at Mr. Wright’s scorn by building the most magnificent structure anyone had ever seen – and he succeeded.

Alex Jordan was extremely wealthy and he liked to impress people with artifacts from his travels around the world. He started to build his home and it became bigger and bigger, along with his imagination. The maze-like structure contains everything from giant carousels to full-scale city streets with cars and real shops. There is so much to see and it will take a full day to try and see it all. Some of the exhibits include a collection of larger than life taxidermy animals, sea life creatures including a 200 foot long whale and the most recent addition of “The Spirit of Aviation” which showcases life-size airplanes. Room after room will simply amaze you and some of his exhibits operate robotically so everything comes alive.

The best time to visit is spring, summer and fall to best see the entire house. During the winter holidays, a collection of 6,000 Santa Clause figures are on display, however, some of the house is closed because it is impossible to heat! The admission is inexpensively priced for families and it is well worth a visit. Although most people outside of Wisconsin have never heard of it, The House on the Rock has more visitors per year than most other tourist attractions in the state. The House on the Rock is truly a tribute to the absurd and eccentric spirit of its founder and it will be a mind-blowing experience for the whole family.

House on the Rock is just a hop, skip and jump away from downtown Madison Wisconsin. While you stay at Sleep Inn & Suites, take the 50 minute drive as see something amazing!