It?s Good To Know A Few Things

So now you’re just waiting to hear if the University of Wisconsin has accepted you as one of their 43,000 students. It’s good to know a few things before you get here. Some of this may have helped with your decision to apply to UW, some are not so much decision making factors as they are tools to get you ahead of the curve for surviving your University of Wisconsin stay.

  • The internationally respected Shanghai Jiao Tong has ranked UW-Madison among the top 20 institutions in the world!! Did you think you were applying to a fluff school? Not so! It is also one of the nation’s highest producers of CEOs of major corporations and Peace Corps volunteers. This is a good thing to know! The likelihood of you finding success after your four years is looking bright. You wont actually have to move back in with your parents.
  • You will need to determine if you are a “Sconnie” or a “Coastie”. It will more than likely determine the friends you make during your time at UW. For future travel opportunities, it might be wise to friend a “Coastie” or two.
  • The main campus of the university is a sprawling 936 acres, all throughout Madison, Wisconsin. While it’s beautiful, you’re going to want to figure out a way to avoid walking up Bascom. (particularly during the fall/winter semester) It’s also nice to have a bike in Madison, because there are hundreds of bike paths throughout the city and you can get to the terrace faster when the weather gets nice.
  • Breakfast is served at 8:30am, EVERY Saturday at the Farmers Market at the Capitol. Whether you’re still up or just rolling out, the Dane County Farmer’s Market is a whole lot of fun!! (it’s also a place to send your mom and dad when they visit) So after you get your Big 10 UW Badger’s season tickets at 7a.m. pop on over for some grub.
  • If you’re not a “Sconnie”be prepared to see WEEKS, where the temperatures don’t get above ZERO. On the plus side, when the temperatures do finally reach 40, IT’S FLIP-FLOP WEATHER!! WhooHoo!
  • Find Langdon! This is where you will pre-game at your choice of Frat Houses.
  • If you’re not familiar with Shwarma head to the MedCafe. Get familiar with it. MedCafe might have the best Hummus and Shwarma in the world, not just Madison.
  • Don’t be offended by “Scanner Dan”…….you’ll know him the moment you see (or hear) him.

While we are poking fun, you will enjoy your time in Madison. The university is just one of the things that makes Madison a fantastic place to be. If you need somewhere to stay while you’re visiting our great town, the Sleep Inn & Suites in Madison ALWAYS has a comfy bed for you. (or mom and dad when they drop you off this fall) Come stay with us!